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SAP/OutlookSoft Practice

SAP Manager LLC is a leader in industry's first unified and predictive performance management solution Hundreds of Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 companies rely on OutlookSoft performance management software to manage their most critical financial and operational planning, budgeting, reporting, and analytic requirements.

OutlookSoft 5 is a unified, predictive performance platform that delivers the following core process functionality and features from a single enterprise-scale application and database:

Strategic Planning
Statutory Consolidation
Reporting and Analysis
Predictive Analysis

Designed for the User 

OutlookSoft 5 is designed to empower every user—regardless of skill level—to easily gain access to, interact with, and leverage financial and operational data for timely and effective decision-making. The solution makes it exceptionally easy for users to access, use, and leverage OutlookSoft 5 from the environment of their choice—be it Microsoft Office or a standard Web browser. 

Key benefits and features delivered by OutlookSoft 5 include zero footprint reporting, complete Microsoft Office integration and dynamic Web access.

Built for the Enterprise 

OutlookSoft 5 is built on a modern service-oriented architecture (SOA), so IT organizations can easily incorporate the solution with existing infrastructure standards (like LDAP security stores), and allow other SOA-based technologies to make calls to and from its services. This means performance applications built on OutlookSoft 5 can more readily become an integral part of an organization's financial and operational IT strategy. And OutlookSoft 5 leverages cutting-edge Internet technologies such as AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to provide the richest Web-based user experience possible.

Key architectural and technology features delivered by OutlookSoft 5 include mutli-platform and database support (including Microsoft, Oracle and UNIX), application level security, AJAX-driven Web interface and documented APIs. 

Better for Business

OutlookSoft 5 delivers robust financial and operational applications spanning the full spectrum of performance management—including planning, consolidation, reporting, analysis, and compliance. New to OutlookSoft 5 is its revolutionary business process flow (BPF) technology—delivering contextual, user-driven workflow definition and process enablement. BPF represents an industry breakthrough in how users create and manage workflow and shared processes throughout the whole of the performance process.

OutlookSoft 5 enables developers build, manage, and control applications faster and in a more unified fashion than ever before—delivering solutions that leverage shared metadata, approval flows, process and workflow tracking, and application interfaces.

Key features and functionality delivered by OutlookSoft 5 include applications for planning, reporting and analysis, complete process management (with contextual business process flows), accelerated analysis, robust compliance capabilities, and more.

Business Intelligence Consultants

In Planning and Consolidation, we have been helping our clients drive increased visibility to performance-related data since our founding in 1995.  We help organizations that want to build a performance management culture.  Evolving from best practice methodology in Business Intelligence, our clients want to identify, measure, and control key points of leverage for achieving business success.  The ability to do that successfully is the true measure of a solutions’ – and an organization’s – information performance.

Today, most organizations are drowning in data, but lack the clarity that true information performance can deliver.  Leading organizations are moving away from monolithic management information delivery platforms and arming their key business leaders with the personalized metrics they need to achieve performance gains.

The true measure of information performance is not the quantity of data or the overpowering graphical dashboard.  The true measure of information performance is the ACTION that improves upon key performance metrics across the organization.

For far too long, organizations have built technology out in areas such as management reporting, decision support and analytics UP from the technology stack.  Our time-tested “Front to Back” process centers on the aspirations and needs of the functional areas of the business.  This approach provides every level of the organization with true insight to performance in a timeline designed for positive action.  We think a business system designed from the needs of the business user DOWN into the technology stack is the only proven way to drive true ROI – Return on Information. 

Business Performance Management Consultants

Our value is focused in one area – we understand the methodology and practices necessary to move our clients toward the business process and systems that create a true feedback loop in their decision-making process.  Without proper feedback from any action or inaction, initiative is lost.  Leaders among our clients want to run their business from the front, constantly moving forward.  As many insightful business leaders know, historical data is increasingly unreliable as an accurate predictor of future results, but it can have value.

Business Performance Management (BPM) is about building a focus in the organization to truly understand and monitor performance.  When past performance is understood, future performance can be predictable.  A Performance Management culture provides its leaders not only with specific, personalized insight to past results, but also provides a guide to the future.  In a business environment increasingly focused on a shorter cycle, what can be more valuable than accurate insight to the future?Of course, Performance Management can increasingly sound and feel like some idealistic place too far across the ocean.  However, the reality is that leading organizations have been to that place. The journey imparted true competitive advantage for their firm. In many places, when a party embarks on a long and difficult journey, a guide is retained. Strafford is very much like a guide, or compass – helping provide reference for our clients as they embark on a long journey.  This voyage can often start with improvements to financial reporting systems, sometimes in a labor analytics approach, and often with implementation of a budgeting and forecasting system.  As your guide on the voyage, expect to find that SAP Manager LLC team “knows the ropes” and can be a valuable Partner for you to guide you to the right port through rough weather and darkness to the light.

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