Spectrum of Industries we cover.
At Techmarcon, Inc, we understand that each client and industry has its own unique opportunities, process, focus and challenges. Our in-depth industry knowledge allows us to customize our solutions to better suit the individual needs of our clients. Learn more about our work in the following industries: 

Public Sector.
US Public Sector is the largest customer for our services. In response to the increasing demand to make government services and information electronically available and to bring together and simplify business practices, federal government agencies are facing numerous new challenges and obstacles. An increased focus on security, flexibility and efficiency has forced these organizations to become more integrated and customer-focused. At Techmarcon, Inc, our people are equipped with proven methodologies and tools to provide solutions that enable government agencies to meet current and future challenges. This includes, US Treasury, Defense Department, DHS 

Communications Industry.
Techmarcon, Inc offers a wide range of professional services in the communications industry. Dealing with ever-increasing consumer demands amidst the climate of regulatory change, clients have had to face many challenges to maintain their desired profit margins and stock value. We have helped our clients anticipate and meet today's challenges, effectively positioning them to capitalize on tomorrow's opportunities. 

Media & Entertainment Industry.
Techmarcon, Inc brings valuable and unique experience to our clients in the media and entertainment industry. We have assisted start-up companies with launching their services and have enabled well-established companies increase their operational efficiency and improve their bottom line. Combining our experience with a solid understanding of the trends and developments shaping the entertainment landscape, we work to ensure our clients achieve all of their desired results.
Financial Services Industry.
At Techmarcon, Inc, our experience in the financial services industry has allowed us to develop a comprehensive portfolio of solutions targeted at helping our clients achieve their goals. Amidst an industry faced with regulatory change, globalization and risk, we have helped our clients overcome an array of challenges in an increasingly complex and competitive landscape. Our solutions continue to modernize the industry and create lasting value for our clients, allowing them to satisfy demand and increase their competitiveness.
Non-Profit Organization.
While all associations share a common goal to effectively serve their members, at Techmarcon, Inc we understand that each association has its own individual challenges, processes and goals. With competition for fund-raising dollars continually rising, it has become increasingly more difficult for these organizations to raise the necessary funds to do business effectively. We specialize in providing solutions to address these and the many other challenges facing these organizations. 

Manufacturing Industry
We provide service to various kinds of manufacturing industries, including Electronics, High-tech, Engineering, Semi-conductor, Apparel, Shoes

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Application Solutions/Project Management Services.

TECHMARCON, INC's project managers provide strategic guidance and work in collaboration with its customers to ensure the cost efficient and timely conclusion of projects. TECHMARCON, INC employs experienced project managers/planners who have worked on projects of all sizes and complexities and help customers achieve their desired business results while mitigating their risk. TECHMARCON, INC's project managers have expert knowledge in various project management tools and proven methodologies and can apply industry best practice tools and Industry standards in conformity with our Center of Excellence (CoE), in complement with client's proven approaches.
TECHMARCON, INC's Project Management Services includes:

  • Project Planning and Schedule Management 
  • Cost Account Management 
  • Resource Management 
  • Risk Management 
  •  Metrics Management

Our Support Service
Based on the cost effective and J-I-T support requirement, we provide round-the-clock support and maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation of the various business processes and to offer assistance to solve any uncertain instances. Techmarcon's offshore/on-shore support model offers you best suited support, which meet and exceed the level of support, you may need. Our ERP/SAP support services deliver the assistance you need to optimize the performance of your software and manage your business processes more effectively. You can adapt existing solutions to changing market and business requirements, and take advantage of the new innovations that will make your business more successful. We offer the following range of support services: Help desk setup and management SLA definition & management 24 x 7 production support Performance analysis & optimization On-site and remote system support