Techmarcon Holdings​​​

Our Marketing Mantra

In Techmarcon, we practice six keys to successfull marketing strategy, which are very effective marketers enable the kind of transformational marketing that changes brand trajectories, career paths, sometimes entire companies and even industries. 

The six habits of highly effective marketers include: 
1. Making Marketing Dollars Work Harder. Highly effective marketers know that like any other investment activity, marketing decisions can be carefully evaluated based on return-on-investment criteria.
 2. Challenging Conventional Approaches to Targeting. Highly effective marketers recognize that no one—NO ONE—can possibly know a priori the best way to segment the market or which target will be most profitable. 
3. Taking a Position—Make Your Brand Stand for Something Highly effective marketers know that without a strong positioning, their brands will falter. 
4. Selecting the Most Profitable Product, Not the Most Appealing. Highly effective marketers know that managers cannot, flying by instinct and gut feel, simply pick the most profitable product or service from among all the possible design combinations. 
5. Connecting Inputs to Outputs in Marketing Plans and Compulsively Implement Them. Highly effective marketers don't rely on divine intervention and good luck to develop and execute the marketing plan. 
6. Building a Great Brand While Your Competitors Commoditize Highly effective marketers recognize that a brand's equity is comprised of different components, which can and should be studied separately. 
7. In todays emerging market, position your company as a Global Enterprise, ready for expansion.

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