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 Why Strategies Fail - A successful company will have far reaching plans and strategies to speed its actions in response to different conditions. In today’s market the first to act is the one who often reaps the greatest reward. Is you company prepared to seize opportunities or will it be bogged down while your competition acts? Business strategies take time and effort to develop, but being able to take advantage of opportunities and expand profits make the time spent planning well worth it. Plans and strategies need to be developed, tested and implemented to get things done in an organized, efficient and effective manner. Our consultants are experts at making things happen as quickly and smoothly as possible. Below are a few of the areas requiring strategies. • Acquisition Strategy • Advertising strategy • Alignment Strategy • Branding strategy • Cost Cutting Strategy • Customer Service Strategy • Distribution Strategy • Downsizing Strategy • Expansion Strategy • Funding Strategy • Globalization Strategy • Growth Strategy • Litigation Strategy • Marketing Strategy • Media Exposure Strategy • Merger Strategy • Outsourcing Strategy • Positioning Strategy • Procurement Strategy • Product launch Strategy • Public Relations Strategy • Quality Improvement strategy • Sales Strategy • Strategic Consulting • Strategy Analysis • Strategy Assessment • Strategy Creation • Strategy Development • Strategy Evaluation • Strategy Implementation • Strategy Management Consultants • Strategy Testing • Strategy Review • Supply Chain Strategy


Competitors are an unpleasant fact and need to be dealt with. Competitor awareness is crucial to your company’s success. Our research consultants can get you the information you need in order to make the decisions necessary for continued success. Our consultants can provide information regarding your position in the marketplace as well as other pertinent competitor data. Our consultants are experts in formulating effective strategies to minimize your competitors’ effectiveness in relation to your products and services. We can also provide assistance and give advice on how to deal with your competitors and not conflicted with the myriad of legal standards concerning unfair competition and unfair trade practices. Below are a few of the competitor services we provide

Competition Analysis
Competition Planning
Competitive Capability Assessment
Competitor Awareness
Competitor Capabilities Assessment
Competitor Evaluation
Competitor Product & Pricing Analysis
Competitor Profiles
Competitor Research
Competitor Resource Analysis
Competitor Sales
Competitor Strategy Development
Position Assessment


  • Unrealistic Or Improperly Defined Objectives
  • Creators Of Strategy Lack Experience
  • Lack Of Vision
  • Poor Planning
  • Lack Of Focus
  • Confusion
  • Competing Strategies
  • Bad Timing
  • Poor Implementation
  • Improper Phase Or Stage Planning
  • Lack Of Discipline
  • Lack Of Education Of Need For And Benefits Of Strategy
  • Poor Communication
  • Lack Of, Or Improper Communication
  • Not Enough Teamwork
  • Not Enough Feedback
  • Strategic Miscalculations
  • Mismatch Of Strategy With Corporate Culture
  • Lack Of Management Or Mismanagement
  • Lack Of Leadership
  • Lack Of Decisiveness
  • Lack Of Follow Through
  • Lack Of Persistence